HGP for iPad

The all in one language learning app has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, with a fresh new design and many new tools and features! HGP combines all the useful language learning tools into one app, and with the flexibility to suit any learning style, it is the perfect study companion.

  • Podcasts: browse HAGiPOD and other language learning podcasts and download them straight to your iPad
  • Worksheets: download worksheets and other PDF documents and store them in the app
  • Flashcards: memorise vocabulary by easily creating your own flashcard stacks, then share them between devices over WiFi
  • Photo Books: take photos and add annotations, then compile them into albums
  • Handwriting: practise writing characters, organise them into notebooks and export them to other apps
  • Recording: record speech such as lessons and lectures and export them to other apps
  • Notes: create notes then share them between devices over WiFi
  • Links: bookmark useful websites, and browse up to two of them simultaneously to compare pages or search things as you read
  • Responses: take web-based tests and quizzes to check study progress
  • Game: make study fun using word games that are automatically generated from your Dictionary entries
  • Dictionary: build your own personalised dictionary and record pronunciations for each word

As always, HGP is completely free! Enjoy learning.

Visit www.hagipod.com for hundreds of free podcasts, worksheets, resources and tests.